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Kris Borthwick reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre  5 star
July 18, 2015 

I have been receiving treatment from John and the team at The Back Pain Centre for the last few months and straight away I noticed a significant difference in the increase in range of motion in my spine and ease in pain. I was initially sceptical about going to see a chiropractor as I have seen many in the past with limited results, but John is different he knows what he is doing and really does help impact on your daily quality of life, not to mention his great sense of humour. If you are suffering from any pain you would be silly not to see John and the team as the difference he has made to my recovery between rugby matches, quality of life and the impact he has had with the Oxford Harlequins team is undeniable.

Pete Boulton reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 6, 2015

John and the team at The Back Pain Centre are game changers!
As a seasoned rugby player, I have long been thankful for the work of chiropractors. However in the past I had only received reactive treatment when trouble had flared up.
This is where John excels in comparison. His partnership with Oxford Harlequins RFC has not only helped me but many of squad are the beneficiaries of his excellent treatment. his proactive approach to treatment has enabled me to play and train more often with increased muscle strength and stamina as a result of an aligned spine.
Johns full body approach has also vastly improved my post game recovery from 2 days to barely half a day. Furthermore Johns thorough treatment has help cure a host of other injuries to my knees and shoulders.
I would recommend John and his team to anyone, rugby players, other sportsmen and women, anyone! Even if you're not in pain, give it a try. It will change your life being free of back pains and niggles.

Kipp Harden reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
September 1, 2015

Several games into my rugby season I realised a considerable difference in strength between my legs, my left being noticeably stronger than my right. After several sessions at The Back Pain Centre I recognised an immediate improvement in power and strength through my right leg. I noticed an improvement in my gym strength with exercises such as squats and dead lift, and an improved consistency with my on pitch performance.
whether you think you have a problem or just want to improve your sporting efficiency and performance I can certainly recommend The Back Pain Centre.

James Knox reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre — 5 star
January 9, 2015

I started treatment at the Back Pain Centre approximately 2 months ago, following four months of ongoing back problems. I had previously seen several other chiropractors and osteopaths and all gave the same conclusion.... "give up rugby, you are too old!". Dr John did not dismiss me so quickly and after a series of treatments my back is in better shape than it has ever been and I am back playing regularly. I cannot recommend this guy enough, he really is brilliant and the whole practice is a joy to visit with Barbara always welcoming and organised, (though scolding me for parking poorly!). Do not go here expecting whale music and scented candles... do go if you want a proper medical/scientific assessment of what is going on with your back/neck and how they can put it right.

Allan Purchase reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre — 5 star
July 16, 2015 

I had never really considered chiropractic treatment before the tie in between Oxford Harlequins and the Back Pain Centre. But I don’t think I will ever stop after experiencing the service that Dr John offers. It’s not just the corrections, which offered relief from a series of niggling long term back imbalances, which has allowed me to push my training and match play forward, it’s the service and genuine care he takes of his patients, which has led to a few late nights for John making sure that all the Quins boys are in the best shape to perform come game day.

Lewis Etheridge reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 16, 2015

I first went to the clinic at Christmas time just for a review, as I had no issues other than a weak right ankle. Almost immediately in my review Jon realised that my weak ankle was due to distortion in my hips and lower back. Since then I have been going on a regular basis and the pain in the right ankle has reduced, and only reoccurs after missing treatment for a long period of time. The treatment has also allowed me to improve my form in the gym meaning I can lift heavier weights improving my strength. All of this has contributed to me becoming a better player on the rugby pitch.
Certainly recommend The Back Pain Centre!

Matty Edney reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 6, 2015

I started getting treatment at the back pain centre after a few games into last season. During the first game I injured my neck playing rugby. I was having really bad problems with it as it effecting me with rugby and work. After a few sessions with jon I was nearly as good as new and was back playing again pretty soon. Also just after Christmas I injured my knee and again after a few sessions with jon it was a million times better. I highly recommend Steventon back pain centre if you have any ongoing issues and also to prevent any future problems.

Alan Hancock reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 6, 2015

I had decided to visit John at the back pain centre for a minor service as years of playing rugby had taken its toll.
I have seen several chiropractors and all have been good and sorted out the problem.
John assessed me and came up with niggles from injuries over 10yrs ago, the problems where still there. I could still remember doing the injury and trying to sort it out.
My treatment was undertaken and all 3 injuries are now under control with annual visits to see John.
To summarise John and his team were not good but really fantastic. They certain know thier trade and how the body operates. Thanks

Stuart Macdonald reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 6, 2015

Working in office all day led me to poor posture and spinal alignment which was effecting my rugby performance. In just a few sessions with Dr John I felt more agile and stronger, as my treatment has progressed I'm continuing to realise the benefits both on and off the field. My body feels less stiff and generally more healthy. I would highly recommend the Steventon Back Pain Centre.

Chris Pears-Ryding reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 16, 2015

Within weeks of starting treatment I felt infinitely better, improving my posture and drastically decreasing my susceptibility to irritating niggly injuries in sport. I'd highly recommend going to see the guys at the back pain centre, no matter how small the issue - you'll see the benefits in no time.

Rupert Cowan reviewed Steventon Back Pain Centre 5 star
July 16, 2015

Dr Jon is both professional and amiable. I really enjoyed going to see him - his analysis identified things I wasn't aware of, his treatment helped me feel and move better (on the rugby pitch and in the office) and his conversation was amusing.

Duncan Talbot - Testimonial

Duncan Talbot - Masters Athlete

What does it take to be cured of your ills - courage, no: bloody mindedness, no: just an acceptance that some complementary treatment actually works.

As an athlete of mature years (over 40+), I had been used to regular exercise and mobility for a good number of years.

I came for treatment because I was at the end of my tether - I had a leg injury which had healed but hindered my mobility. At the same time my neck and upper body were aching constantly. I could not rotate my neck effectively either.

Regular and intensive therapy coupled together with a stringent exercise programme, lifted the cloud - mobility came back.  I was given a fresh focus on the maintenance of my body, to which i have adhered.

This has been so successful that I have not only improved my performances, but I am more consistent - even at my age you are never too old to learn or re-learn.

So if you are prepared to be patient and determined and absorb a different approach to your well-being, then this treatment is a must. I know, I speak from an all too painful experience.

Duncan Talbot

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